Wednesday, January 14, 2015


In this year’s State of the Union address President Obama will try to convince not only Congress but the American people that his final two years in office will not be labeled as his lame-duck years. Trying to get to an early start and get to work quickly the President has already hosted top Republican officials to the White House heading up to the address.                                            
    The previous year State of the Union address highlighted Higher Education and the White House College Opportunity Summit, Tax Code Reform, an Energy strategy to bring more jobs and reduce American dependency on oil, Immigration Reform and Equal Pay for Equal Work to close the inequality of women’s pay to men.
     In 2013 the President’s address had a different tune returning troops from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the revisited idea of Tax Reform and jobs growth.
     The address this year will have the President highlighting the economic growth of the country under his administration. According to US Bureau of Economic Analysis the country had an all time high GDP Growth rate at 16.9 percent in 2014.  Making way for the President to outline economic proposals for Congress and possible executive actions President Obama hinted at the end of 2014.  Apart of that idea of growth could be applied to the Auto Industry stability again with more manufacturing happening in America.
     Another point is Education and Higher Education at that. The President has put education in the State of the Union Address in years past this year has the same feeling. A week ago the President unveiled little of what could be a proposal for Congress on making community college first two years possibly free. It can be a spoiler as to the President’s possible point on education in the address.  The mantra Affordable College has been on the Presidents Education Agenda going back to last years address. With the proposal already announced the President would sure make the argument for the idea of affordable College.
      Now Immigration has been a hot button issue between Congress and the White House for quite sometime. With the midterm elections resulting in Republican control of the House and Senate one of the top priorities for the Republicans is Immigration reform.  Immigration reform being high up on the list of the party in control the President will have to talk about that point in the Address. finds that there are 11 million undocumented workers and people living in the United States.  Homeland Security put out the department’s statistics for 2013 a total of 662,483 undocumented individuals happened to be apprehended.
      Another section that would be brought back as another topic in the State of the Union address the Presidents energy strategy first proposed in 2014. With the gas prices low and energy having efficient cost for the time being look for the President to highlight the accomplishment of energy cost to Americans in the address. It will push the presidential agenda back to the renewed effort for alternative forms of energy either from the air or high on the list natural gas.
       The Presidential State of the Union Address will contain proposals and points that not only point out the administrations accomplishments in the past year but what the administration want to get done going forward.

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