Monday, April 6, 2015

NORTON Security is it a Scam?

  Between my freshman and sophomore years of college here at Marshall I happened to have a new HP laptop. This laptop had nothing of protection on it after purchase, so I took initiative to get the software from Norton Security online. Well in doing so I put in my debit information to get the online subscription. What happened afterward was something I had feared when entering account information "overcharges." It was until my bank PNC called to let me know there had been activity charging my account rapidly at $40 a piece that I became aware of what this security company's online subscription was doing. In the end had to cancel my card, did not get my money back after being charged three times.

To better combat this issue and better protect others from this same instance I am letting you know if this happens to you go to the attorney general of your state and the better business bureau in your state. Make your claim to these entities you will have a better chance at getting your money back than just going through the company Norton. Not only go through these two avenues also continue with Norton and the regional office if it is near your proximity or do the claim via the phone. I was charged 120.00 dollars for my mistake make sure to read and recheck but for full safety just have the store computer employees put the bought software on your computer instead of getting it online. But if it is to late for that go through your state and the attorney general and better business bureau first to up your chances of at least recouping some of your money.

Is this a scam? In my eye it was for me taught me a valuable lesson on internet buying with your cards safe to say I will not be buying from Norton for the time being since that incident and haven't touched a Norton product for two years now. But follow the short steps that I suggested to help ease the fight to get your money back.